Hello World!

My name is Dan Kittaka - 橘高ダン, I am a demand planner, running coach, and cartoonist from Chicago. I use he/him pronouns. From 2013 through 2015, I blogged regularly about my marathon training on a blog that I called "Kansai Kudasai."

Since that time, my blogging and even my social media posts have been extremely inconsistent in terms of location, frequency, and content. In the fall of 2020, my sister, Marina, shared Zonelets, "a simple, free blogging engine for everyone" that she had developed while questioning the value of social media. This inspired me to take my own action and start this blog which I hope results in new and deepened relationships.

Fast forward a little over a year and I am in mostly the same place: my content creation has been inconsistent and my use of the Internet/social media hasn't resulted in significantly deeper relationships. That said, I like having a little place to share thoughts I find interesting so I think this is just fine for now!

If you're interested in connecting directly, the best way to do so is via email.

Best regards,

Dan Kittaka, Portland, OR, Wednesday, 19th January 2022